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June 6, 2020

National Wildflower Week – Iron County Utah

National Wildflower Week

Iron County Wildflower
Indian Paintbrush

I missed National Wildflower Week, fortunately in Sagebrush Country (where we live) our flowers bloom a little later.  The Great Basin habitat is a mix of soils and our Wildflowers include Sego Lilies, Indian Paintbrush, Globe Mallow, Lupine, Cat Mint, Evening Primrose and Cactus (of course).  Visit my store and get your own copy of the Spring Wildflowers of Utah’s Red Rock Desert.

Iron County, Utah Wildflowers

There are a large number of other flowers that grow and prosper, but I don’t want to write a book, just a blog post on where, in Iron County Utah, can you visit Wildflowers?

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Breaks Natl Mon.
Cedar Breaks

Because of the range of elevations in our County, you pretty much have to live here in order to see the entire collection.  But we have a wonderful National Monument where the flowers pretty much share their joy at the same time. Cedar Breaks National Monument is home to dozens of different wildflowers and is only a short drive from Cedar City.

The amount of blooms and the length they bloom depends on the amount of rain and snow during the year.  Average rainfall at Cedar City is 7 inches.  At Cedar Breaks the average is 3.3 inches – a small amount to nurture the growth of these lovely specimens. And the growing season is short with the last frost on average June 2nd.  The first snow is typically September 10th, leaving just three months for sprout, grow, flower, seed and go dormant. Some years the Lupine blooms are just 6” tall and barely off the ground.

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Escalante Cactus
Grand Staircase Cactus

The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument is also a wonderful place to see Wildflowers.  Most of those are Penstemons, Paintbrush, Prince’s Plume and Cactus.  The prickly pear has a beautiful coral/peach color bloom.  The variety here on the western slopes are pink/red.  The cactus bloom colors depend on the soil/mineral mix.

Where Can I See the Wildflowers?

Late June and early July are good times to view the flowers.  I like to drive to Parowan and up the canyon on SR143 to Brian Head, across the meadows to Cedar Breaks and back down to Cedar City.  Make reservations at Rusty’s Restaurant on SR14 for your trip home.  Or Milt’s, if you want a more upscale experience.  They are both owned and operated by the same family and the food is wonderful, and the environment delightful.  Milt’s south windows are full of Hummingbird feeders and are great entertainment while you wait for your carefully prepared meal.

Iron County Wildflower
Evening Primrose

We’ve traveled the 11 western states at all times of the year and kept journals of those travels, including pictures of wildflowers.  Don’t tell yourself it’s not necessary to keep a journal of your adventures – it is necessary.  Later in life you’ll have fond memories of those excursions and want to review your experiences.  There’s a wonderful Wildflower Journal available in my store.  Follow this link and get yours today.

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