Start Your Own Business with 52 Weeks of posts designed for Solopreneurs

Whether you're seeking to start a "side gig" or lifestyle business, or creating  a Legacy Business - you can depend on our experienced business owners to help you on your journey.


Start here / first level articles

These 17 weeks of articles help you get started, and will answer a number of your questions about starting a business.

Second Level

Run / focusing on finances and marketing

Weeks 18 - 34 are full of posts on finances and Marketing, as well as Products and Services selections (including Inventory).  These include sample spreadsheets, checklists and worksheets.  As posted, you'll find them available to purchase through links in the posts. If you're a member of WIB-N you'll receive them for free via email.

Third Level

Grow / posts are designed to help you expand

Some businesses just grow automatically. Others need need goals, plans, and tracking to expand. These posts are written for the Legacy Business, but will provide some guidance for Lifestyle businesses as well. 

Fourth Level

Transform / modernize and reshape

Different business phases present different opportunities for organizational learning. Modernization and enterprise-wide transformation, are focused on reshaping the existing business. Aother phase is about new business creation and uncovering new sources of value. You'll find aticles here on those opportunities.

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