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October 7, 2023

Value In Reused and Recycled Merchandise

Value in Reused and Recycled Merchandise

If you’re looking for a Very Merry Christmas, stay true to your principles and values. Because Retail Shopping 2023 is being touted as the discount year, and you can’t compete with the big box discounters who will also have to shorten their margins this year.

So, make your Christmas plans on Recycled merchandise and consider doing it yourself. One of my clients has a yarn shop. She visits the second hand stores weekly for sweaters that are likely candidates for recyling the yarn. Providing product at all price points is important to her and that allows her to focus around her why!

Start Working on Your Promotion NOW!

You should have or will be receiving your holiday products. If you’re online based, set a final date for shipping to arrive by Christmas.

Do you have one special item or featured product for the holidays? Now is the time to put together your marketing plan to maximize sales. 

Last December (2022) an article in Forbes “The 5 Biggest Trends for 2023” focused on a customer’s shopping journey with pe-owned products, recycling and reusing.

Author, Shelle E. Cohan, used several large businesses as examples of how to grow your business post pandemic and knee deep in an inflationary economy.

Amazon used its Thursday Night Football streaming license to sell ads to others.

Kroger partnered with Roku to sell commercials on the ad-supported CTV.

Walmart has been working with its affiliates on its own branded network called Walmart Connect.

A number of large U.S. cities are looking to shift designs and mix the use of empty space.

Mall developers and community leaders are leaning into mixed use space that offers shopping, living, dining, and other amenities for specific market segments.

Find your Reuse/recycle product.

Repair, recycle, reuse and thrifting will grow through those efforts. Consumers are interested in a product’s life cycle and manufacturing process. Make it easy and interesting to educate them on How and they will purchase.

I’ve seen an uptick in small companies’ sales that recycle products for resale.

Women purchase hand-knit second-hand sweaters. Unravel them, roll out the yarn on a swift and offer the yarn for sale in hanks with custom labels.

  • What merchandise can you use for recycled textiles?
  • What metals can be used for your handcrafts?
  • What unused fabric would be good for hot pads or placemats?

Price them fairly and affordably. Get known for your recycling/reuse programs and grow your business.

Offer unraveling services.

Mayb you can benefit from trade-ins. Bring in your clean hand-knit sweater, blanket, or poncho and you’ll unravel it for them. Then trade for other yarns for finished items.

Create a special niche in your store product line for recycled products. Be sure to mark your products as reused, recycled, repaired, etc. Entice consumers who are buying less to buy your special items.

Create a named category for them and proudly feature them instore and online.

REI has pre-loved outdoor gear.

Lulumon has its “Like New” program.

Levi’s has worked with “Threads Up” for many years.

Walmart has pre-owned items.

What Do You Have?

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Value In Reused and Recycled Merchandise

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