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July 2, 2023

How To Set a Work/Life Balance Meter – Part 2

How To Set a Work/Life Balance Meter In your life!

A work/life balance is the practice of giving yourself enough time to do the think you love, while completing your tasks at work.

First, you need to sit with your journal and ask yourself a series of questions. Date your journal page and write about each question.

Question #1 – How balanced is your life?

Take an honest inventory/tally of your current lifestyle and work habits.

Download our Work/Life Balance tracker page. Tally your hours for a week.

Question #2 – How much free time do you have for yourself each day?

Free time for yourself:

            Before Work _______________

            After Work ________________

            Weekends ________________

Use your worksheet to tally your time.

Question #3 – Do you have enough time with loved ones?

If not, why not?

Are they making time for you?

My role at work is ___________________________________________

My role at home is __________________________________________

I’d like to change my role in my life to ___________________________


  • Not discipline the children as soon as I get home.
  • Have the older children care for their own dishes and laundry.
  • Decrease the number of times each week we entertain.
  • Carve out an extra hour each week for financial management.
  • Have the kids ride the school bus to and from school so I’m not the family taxi driver.

Seek out tasks you hate and see who else can handle them.

Question #5 – What purpose does your job offer?

Is it moving you in the direction you want to go in life?

Should you seek a job that better fits your lifestyle?

Question #6 – Is your work fulfilling?

Does your job bring you satisfaction and positivity?

This is where many decide life would be better f they owned their own business. This is where caution lights should slow you down before you quit your day job.

Take the time to start putting together your business slowly because your own business will tilt the scale to the work side for several years.

Question #7 – What can I do to improve my Work/Life Balance?

Here’s several ideas to assess how you might improve your balance.

Work/Life management is time management. Not all are at it, but we all must try in order to achieve a balance to fit you and your life.

List 5 goals for improving your time management. (Examples – get to work on time; keep current on my chores; spend time with family every night; schedule at least one date night a month.)

Planning is the key to Work/Life Balance. It need not be complicated or time consuming. We’ll look into that next week.

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