February 7, 2023

Business Plan Part I

Business Plan – Part I

Let’s recap your progress.

“Have a Plan – Work The Plan”  I’m sure you’ve probably heard that phrase before, and having a Business Plan is essential for building your business. It’s the foundation for whatever you create.

  • Identify the Problem
  • Price the solution
  • Choose your sales channels and market through them
  • Build your fan base
  • Create a team

Are all pretty straight forward items in your plan.

But those aren’t the 1st elements of your plan. Knowing your core values, deciding on the structure, and finding your purpose and writing your WHY come before them.

Your up-front time is spent writing/creating a framework based on who you are and your values. One of our first blog posts gave you ideas and questions for you to write about to determine your Core Values, while watching your “shoulds” and “oughts”.

                Who Are You? Your Core Values

Those values will set the tone for your business as you develop your dream. That’s where you’ll know what you want to provide and how you’ll structure your dream. Basic decisions should include how you’ll develop your business – whether it’s a Lifestyle Company or Legacy Business.

                What – Lifestyle or Legacy

Part of writing about your dream business is your purpose. Finding and knowing your passion leads to your purpose. And Knowing exactly what inspires you to get out of bed every morning (besides making money) is key to your success.

                Purpose vs. Passion

Developing a well planned purpose gives you the determination to succeed. And making it part of your business plan will give you the desire to continue to write about it – hopefully every day.

Whether your purpose is for persuasion, information or entertainment, sharing your expertise will guide you through the next 46 weeks of writing. Whether it is just a 3 point to-do list each morning, or a 15-minute recap of your day every evening, #Journal Writing Matters.

Want to share your journey?

If you want to educate or entertain your readers, start a blog of your business journey. Not ready or not interested in writing a blog? Choose a social media channel and post there. You don’t need to post everyday. A weekly check-in will do – but write! Choose a day each week you’ll write and post – even if it’s just a picture, a graphic, or a one-sentence update.

Have a Journal?

Become a member of the WIB-Network and you’ll be able to Download a complimentary Business Journal to record your vital information which will lead you to a one-page Business Plan.  Find out more about the Membership Plan Here.

Recording your hopes and expectations allows you to have a clearer picture of your dream, and develop your Business Pan with purpose and passion. Download a 1-page business plan here.

Whether for a Lifestyle or Legacy company, your desire to succeed will be driven by your work/life balance. This completes Part I of the Program. We’ll start on Part II next week. Be sure you’ve completed all your responses to the questions presented. This will allow you to move on to your WHY!  We’ll begin that process next week.

 Until then - - -

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