January 21, 2023

Lifestyle or Legacy?

Lifestyle vs Legacy  

Which Business Model Is Right For You?

Starting with the right business model is key to your success. And knowing the difference will help you structure your company for success from the beginning.

Legacy Business

A legacy business is one that is developed with the life of the company top of mind.

Lifestyle Business

A lifestyle business is one that is developed with your life top of mind.

There are other models, but these are the two we talk about the most because these two models are of the most interest to our clients.

Our clients either want a mom’s side gig or they want to create a large, profitable corporation.

Let’s look at the differences:



Time spent as It fits


Passion/Purpose Centered

$ Centered

Location – where you are at the moment

Location – Long Commutes

Sole Proprietorship

Building a product with or without service




Quickly generates enough profit for owner

Takes years to find profitability

Low up front costs

Grow as they scale


Work From Anywhere

Sell to Anyone Worldwide

Start Local

Diversity Your Income

100% from Fulltime Job

Start with Low Costs

High Initial Cost for Equipment & Inventory

Internet 1st – Location Independent

Explore a Passion Project

Seek a Goods/Services Niche

Turn Your Hobby Into Income

Develop Corporate Structure and Guidelines


Find a lifestyle business idea at the intersection of skill, passion, and market demand.

Legacy Businesses

Legacy Businesses are designed from the beginning to become a complex organization with structure, organizational guidance and brand focused.

The legacy business is built by replacing yourself with a system.

Your first step would be to create a picture of your company and then develop it from there.  The best resource to put together your company as a Legacy is “The E Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber.  You’ll find a paperback version on Amazon.com.

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