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June 12, 2021

Parowan Gap – Summer Solstice

Parowan Gap – Summer Solstice


According to the Parowan Gap “Nature’s Journal”, Parowan Gap was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Upon the restoration of the Paiute Indian Tribe in 1980, the Gap was included in their territorial lands.

According to tribal history, “the Gap was a beautiful place where water ran through it from the mountains.  The Indian people, the first settlers, used the Gap as a main thoroughfare as they traveled back and forth from East to West.”

Some stopped and stayed at the Gap and left their writing on the rocks. With Little Salt Lake just east of the Gap, fish were present and provided food for the weary traveler. 


The rock “writings” at Parowan Gap include clan signs - like signatures, directional references – like maps, and references to ceremonies and songs – like the Ten Commandments.  The spiral is the Hopi migration symbol.

Please remember – as you explore this site, treat these features with the utmost respect.  #Recreate Responsibly.

pParowan Gap

The Zipper is the most unusual Petroglyph at the site.  Many scientists and tribal members have tried to interpret the many “writings” found there, it wasn’t until 1990 when Archeoastronomy research and fellow Archeologist began a 10-year study did they realize what they had found.  “Their findings concluded that some of the Gap petroglyphs are solar and lunar calendars.” And they believe the Zipper Glyph may have been created to serve as a solar calendar.  Like a map, you can follow the count down from summer to harvest time, back through all, up to winter and on to spring in time for planting.

If you’d like to spend one of your days exploring this area, click here to get a detailed Loop Tour Map with explanations and ideas for other places to go. 

While you are there, watch for the wildlife. Sage Grouse and the Utah Prairie Dog call this area home. And the large cliffs and rock outcrops are home for nesting hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls.  Golden Eagles have nested at the Gap continuously for over 20 nyears. Yes, snakes dot the landscape so watch where you walk.

Spearmint, Morman Tea, Sagebrush, Rabbitbrush, and Pinyon Pine all grow in the area providing shade and protection for the various species that live by the earth.

Summer Solstice

June 19, 2021

Parowan Gap – Summer Solstice Celebration

3 PM – Video program with guest speaker in Parowan

6 PM – Dutch Oven Dinner – @ Gap – Tickets Required

7:30 PM – Program – Guest Speaker  @ Gap – bring your own chairs and water

8:30 PM – Walk to the Sunset Cairn (wear good walking/hiking shoes) @ Gap

9:00 PM – Sunset Observation @ Gap

More Info – 435-463-3735


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