December 30, 2022

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Starting a business can be the most challenging experience if you can’t answer some key questions. And just answering them in your mind is not sufficient. You need to form a habit of using a business journal.

Let’s Start

Write answers to these questions about not just what business you have dreamed of having, but how your work and life should balance.

  • What is the big dream you have for your business and life?
  • Write about how you’d like to have your business and life balance. Then write about each separately. Think about how they might balance if they don’t.
  • What beliefs or doubts do you have around making that dream your reality?  Include all your  beliefs and all your doubts in separate lists.  When you’ve completed your lists, think about “why” you have that belief and why you have doubts.
  • Why do you doubt your success, if you do?
  • Why do you want to succeed in completing your dream?
  • What will it mean for your life?
  • How will it change your life?  If you’re not sure, make a list of areas that might change and how you’d feel about that.

Ready to move on or has this writing exercise made you realize you don’t want your life to change, or you are afraid to change it? Let’s talk -about where you are and where you’d like to go.  It’s completely complimentary.  Schedule a 30 Min. Consultation to talk with our Work/Life Balance Coach.

Or, if you are ready to move on with your dream, Sign up to receive notification of when the next post is ready for your journey. It too is complimentary.  The only items that are not free are the specialty journals and checklists, and you’ll find they are extremely affordable. Best of all worlds?  Become a Member of the Network, now available for registration.

This 52-week free blog post course on “How To Start, Run and Grow Your Small Business and Life” is available to anyone ready to invest time in their journey by “Writing To Your Success”. 

If you’re planning on opening a business in an urban area, most all the information will be accurate, except the financial and marketing sections are geared towards small, rural towns.  Small towns offer businesses an easier entrance to the local business community and marketing is more word of mouth. But the basic information is targeted towards any business, in any location. And you can join our Facebook group and ask your specific questions any time.

But regardless of the area, or size of your business, your passion for your focus is your driving force and will guide you through the worksheets, checklists, and other exercises you’ll find along the way.

 You can purchase them separately, become a member and get them for free, or just read the blog.  Whatever fits your business, your budget, and your life.

We hope you’ll join us today.

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