March 6, 2023

Success – What Is Yours?

Success – What Is Yours!

It was so inspiring to hear Gail Miller talk about Principles and Success. My previous post on Values and Principles listed her 8 guiding principles. She then went on to share how that determines success.

Jack Canfield has a complete program on success, and what keeps you blocked from achieving success. His program is based “ on the principles of taking 100% responsibility for your life. It is not something you learn about once and it is solved for the rest of your life. If is more like staying fit. Every day you have to pay attention. Every day you can ask yourself –

  • Did I blame anyone today?
  • Did I complain today, instead of taking action to change the situation?
  • Did I make excuses today when I did not get the result I wanted or that I had promised?”

For coaches, we want our clients to understand success and the steps to get there. We want you to answer this question on a regular basis and put your answer in your journal.

What does success mean to you? ______________________________________.

With WIB-Network, helping one student a year overcome their success blockers and move forward with their business spells success. Many years ago, when I worked as an aide in a Kindergarten class, the teacher had that philosophy. She told me that she knows she can’t reach every student so she finds the one that needs her guidance the most and looks for success as the school year progresses.

In the business world, we look for other behaviors that lead to success. They are:

  • Setting Goals (See Smart Goals – How To Set Your Own)
  • Keep Learning – You’re doing that if you’re reading this blog series
  • Learn From Failure – I remember my failures more than achievements.
  • Prioritize Your Tasks – You might consider doing that every day (either in the AM for that day or at night for the next day – choose the top 3)
  • Delegate and outsource – that’s a whole project on its own. Finding the right person and/or company is key. And be sure it’s in your budget.

Break out your journal, here’s an exercise for defining what success means to you.

Write a list of words that represent your theme or focus for your business. The words need to set the foundation for where you want to focus for the coming year. Then you’ll choose one of those words for the coming year.

That “One Word” could dramatically increase your effectiveness and help you achieve success.

Once you have chosen your “One Word” make it visible. Write It Down where you’ll see it every day.  In your Journal, on your phone, a note by your chair.

Take a page in your journal and make a list of those possible words. As you use one, put the year it was your priority after it. 10 years from now you can revisit that list and access your success. As your business grows, add words that represent where you want to go and what will represent success.

So what one word has the potential of changing you and where you will find yourself a year from now?








Enlist Other

Be Grateful








What is something you can do to improve on or do differently?

What do you want more of in your life?

What would be a game changer for you?

Remember to #Write to Your Success, every day. Whether it’s 5 words or 5 minutes. Take pen to paper and take 100% responsibility for yourself.

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