Disruption or Change?

The railroad came through the west and the Ferries went out of business.

The automobile was manufactured and the horse and buggy went away.

The internet came through the country and the Postal Service continues to lose it’s importance.

The home delivery system evolves and fewer diners are surviving.

From ancient times to today, and beyond, the new replaces the old.  The time it takes depends on many factors, but customer response is key. While many believe no change is change, disruption is the constant that requires consumers and businesses to access whether they will change because of the disruption.  The pandemic forced some change and inspired some.

There are about a dozen Mexican Restaurants in Cedar City.  Another just came to town.  Welcome Chipolte. Another option for hundreds of visitors we greet each year in our Festival City. 

About 98% of Chipolgte’s nearly 3,000 restaurants have second “make-lines” that serve digital orders.  And the company’s digital sales have grown 174% year over year during the pandemic.  Digital orders now account for about half of sales overall. Check out their website and download their app.

Other food chains are building "to-go" format stores.  Others are removing dine-in options completely.  Ghost kitchens are springing up everywhere, and dining rooms are still offering limited spacing because of staffing.  Whatever your preference, visit Chipolte's  new store in Iron County, at the corner of Jack and Quack in Providence Center. B sufre to let me know what you think.

Red Rock Writer

Jana is at the core of Jana’s Journals – writer, editor and resident Elevator Pitch promoter – but her chief responsibility is content creation. When she’s not crafting helpful content for the What Do You Do? Blog, she’s serving as an Ambassador for her local Chamber of Commerce, or teaching (through the local Women’s Business Center) small business owners how to write and give their Elevator Pitch to promote their business in order to accomplish her goal of “Passing It On”.


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