December 9, 2022

Almost –

Almost done -

Here we are at the end of our year. The fourth quarter is almost over and time to evaluate the pros and cons of 2022 and begin to plan for 2023.

We’ll be sure everything is posted and almost ready for the CPA. We’re almost ready to inventory all the product and determine if we’re headed in the right direction, with the right product/service, and price points.

If our numbers don’t reflect an increase and profit, we’ll need to decide if we’re going to continue as planned, pivot to a new approach, or minimize our losses and close.

But we’re only almost there, Christmas shopping is still in full swing and we need to net as much as possible between now and the end of the year.

But it is time to begin to reflect back and write about your year.  Get out your Journal and let’s “Write to our Success!”

  • As you look back over 2022, what words would you use to describe it? (Min. 3)
  • What words best describe how you have predominantly felt in 2022?
  • Write down all of the words from your answers to #1 and #2. Now write a journal entry that contains all these words. Get creative, see what flows, listen to what wants to be said.

You’ll be amazed what comes out from under a year’s worth of work. And the words can now be used to answer these questions.

  • What are 10 things you ae grateful for from 2022?
  • What do you want to remember most from 2022?
  • What is one word that captures your theme and focus for 2023?
  • What almost happened (either good or bad)?

 Life is full of “almosts”. Your next year might be an almost year, or you can “Write To Your Success”.  Follow along in 2023 and we’ll guide you through 52 weeks of Journal writing and planning, quarter by quarter.

We’ll help you avoid the “almosts” and celebrate your achievements. The posts, beginning the week of January 1st, 2023, will help you either start your adventure or pivot to a new one. 

Your success will depend on writing answers for every week – building on the answers from the previous week. You’ll need a journal and 20-30 minutes each and every week to write. You can write more, as long as you write.

There are checklists for each quarter and journals to purchase, otherwise everything is free. Our mission is to help you create a profitable business and my passion is to “Pass On” my knowledge and experience.

We hope you’ll join us and stop worrying about being “almost”.

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